Final: The Fake Polaroids

This is just a small sample of the almost 50 photographs I collected for what I am calling the “The Fake Polaroids”. For the first 3 days of December I mass texted, twittered, and facebooked anyone who would listen to participate. My goal was to create a body of work created by mass collaboration between multiple people, at the same time (5pm), and all through my phone. Every request for a photo was sent out via my phone, and every picture was received through it. The content of the photo was completely up to the sender just under the basis that it show what they happened to be doing at 5pm. 45+ people participated, some that I hadn’t heard from in years…the photos came from 5 different states and 2 different countries!

It was definitely a learning experience from testing how hard I could get my phone to work, to how different phones and networks dont always speak the same language which made for some tricky technology hiccups along the way. Another tricky part of this project, actually probably the hardest part, was trying to figure out how to display all of these images. Finally I found a really great free online application call poladroid, which converts images into very realistic looking digital polaroids, I found the play on “instant” images to be interesting. Camera phones enable us to have digital polaroids always instantly showing us the photograph taken, however the physical aesthetic of an actual polaroid could be argued to resonate much more with a viewer. Therefore I thought it would be a fun twist to create this digital polaroid hybrids mixing the speed and accessibility that cell phones provide with the nostalgia of the original instant photography. Once I get all the images into an album I will post a link to them.


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